07 Apr 2014

And then there were 2

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I am a basketball fan. The NCAA tournament has been a part of my sports life as far back as I can remember. I know that the sports/life analogies are over used, but since it’s tournament time, I ask for forgiveness.

Aaron Harrison won the 2nd game in a row for Kentucky shooting a 3 point shot that went through the net with only seconds left of game time. The only way to make that shot (especially more than once) is to trust yourself and let it go.

I read a book over a decade ago called, “The Fearless Executive.” Here are a couple of quotes: ” The clear answer to eliminating fear is to relinquish an outcome by trusting your talents. You do your best and then let go.” Focus on your talent, and only on your talent. In the end, it will lead you to your destiny.” Lastly, “if you want to be fulfilled, the objective of your life must be to follow your passion, not to amass the biggest bank account (that is a result, not the cause, my words), success is a feeling, not a possession.”

For me talent and passion are halves of the same whole. We all have talent and it takes passion to hone that talent into something with energy and feeling and faith to bring something new into the world.

Five seconds left, just let it fly, it’s our turn.