10 Mar 2014

Being Teachable

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I recently recommended to someone that they read, “Think and Grow Rich.” I read that book for the first time 20 years ago and while I’ve picked it up from time to time, I have not read it in its entirety since the first time. I was reminded why the re-reading of books is so important. Yes, some of the insights were forgotten, but the main difference is that I’m a different person with different experiences and certainly different perspectives. While I’m re-reading, there are certain things that I’m seeing for the very first time. Things like having faith. Faith is something that if you had asked me, I would have told you that my faith was real and unshakable. However, as I embark on a new phase in my life, it hit me that the fear that I feel from time to time is due to a lack of faith. Now that I recognize it, I am flexing my faith muscle and taking steps knowing that the ground will rise up to meet me. I just have to keep moving forward with my eyes fixed forward and my mind thinking the thoughts that reinforce my goals and aspirations.

I leave this week’s blog with asking you, what do you know you know, but need to learn again?