08 Jun 2014

Believe To Succeed

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I am lucky. I am lucky for many reasons. Let’s substitute lucky for gratitude. Feels better, doesn’t it? I believe,,,,,, is powerful. I am ,,,,,, is the most powerful sentence we can say.

Let me put this all together. I am grateful for my family, my health, my friends and the opportunities that are presenting themselves to me. I believe that these opportunities are being presented to me because I am successful. Success means something different to everyone, so just picture what that means to you.

My point to this is, to have the life we want, in the fastest and best way possible, we need to start at the end to get to the beginning. By believing that we are successful, we are open to and aware of opportunities that fit our desires and dreams. Because we feel successful, we do the things necessary to capitalize on the opportunities and as our dreams are manifesting, we become aware of the gifts of friendship, love and beauty,

Be bold, act as if you could not fail, because success is guaranteed. As my mother would say, “ I know these things.”