23 Mar 2014

Endless Laundry

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In my house, with my two girls and my wife, there is an endless pile of laundry. No matter how many loads we do, there are still clothes that need washed and put away. It’s like a journey that has no end.

I have spent most of my life wanting to skip the journey and arrive at the realization of my goals. The interesting thing is that the more I focus on the quality of my days, and filling those days with faith, confidence and action (not to mention love and laughter), the faster my progress becomes. For me it’s a shift from being afraid of the journey to embracing the steps along the way. The key to this process for me is a constant state learning, testing what I have learned and knowing that the process is what I need most and is most necessary to get me from where I am to arriving at my destination. Upon arrival, it will be time to do another load of laundry and prepare what is next.  I’m now respecting the process, where that was never the case before.

There was a popular book about 15 years ago called, “The Fifth Discipline.” The focus of the book is on how to create a learning organization. Here is a quote, “personal mastery is a phrase I use for the discipline of personal growth and learning. People with high levels of personal mastery are continually expanding their ability to create the results in life they truly seek.”