30 Jun 2014

Fire Works and Watermelon

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The week of July 4th conjures up many great memories of summer’s past, BBQ, and ear ringing, finger burning, fool making legal and almost legal fireworks.

I spent many of my childhood summers in Montgomery, Alabama where my dad is from. My grandparents had a horse farm with a couple of barns and big pond that scared me to death every time I got near it. Every 4th of July we spent there, we filled the day with stories, cooking (the best hand cranked strawberry ice cream ever) and fishing (of which I was much more likely of getting hooked than any fish of unlucky enough to live in the aforementioned filthy cauldron of green water and Southern moss).

Not sure I have a point this week other than; I love the feeling of family and friends mixed with the pride of being an American citizen. I believe that our country is still the light of freedom that it was when Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Franklin and Hamilton fought the fight, thought the thoughts, wrote the words and set us on our path.

Ronald Reagan in one of his speeches declared, “It’s morning in America.” In one sentence he conjured up hope, optimism and re-focused the country that this new day was full of promise, and that we have the power to make changes and continue to fulfill the vision of those who risked so much so that we can be free.

Who has the lighter?