17 Aug 2014

Fragrance of the Flower

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I study leaders, and successful people. I read a book or two (or more) every month and have done so for over 20 years. I meet with a lot of people in business who say a lot of things. I’m sure my subconscious remembers and integrates a great deal of what I take in, however, my conscious mind only hangs on to so much detail. What I do remember is how I feel about people, books, and ideas. A famous saying (to paraphrase) is that, “the fragrance of the flower lingers long after the flower is gone.” This is why a warm smile with no words spoken conveys so much meaning to those around us. I smile all the time when I’m walking around or in my car. It is amazing how often people smile back. It’s like we are hard wired to reciprocate what we see and feel and therefore, we must take responsibility for those around us because they are looking to us (you) to reveal your nature and respond accordingly. It is yet another small opportunity to lead by example, put yourself out there and connect with everyone around us.

We must speak with the feelings that we want our listeners to feel while they hear our words. Words are not enough. We create with thought, word and deed. All must be congruent to be leaders, to create lasting friendships and to do business in an increasingly connected world of communication that often lacks comprehension and impact.

With only one life to live, let’s make sure that the fragrance our life leaves behind is the sweet smell of our favorite meal cooked by our favorite grandmother. How I love the smell of pot roast.