03 Mar 2014

I Love Mondays

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As I write this, the sun is just barely on the horizon illuminating the edges of the mountains. Mornings are my very favorite part of the day, and Monday morning is my favorite morning.

Each morning brings the promise of new opportunities and Monday brings that into focus as it starts off the week. I like to start each day with the assertion of “this is going to be a great day,” followed by “what is the single most important thing that I must to do today?”

Mike Dooley is an author and speaker that was recommended to me several years ago, his website is, www.tut.com. “TUT” stands for, “thoughts become things.” His core philosophy is to imagine the end result, believe your vision and then do the work.

I really do love Monday’s but I love every day, because our life unfolds daily and it is created by our thoughts, our words and our deeds. To quote Mike again, “thoughts become things, so choose the good ones!”

Have a great day!