28 Apr 2014

Is that a shark?

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I actually used the ship’s treadmill’s every day of the seven day cruise I was on. I’d like to say that it was because I had a fitness goal, but in reality I used it to justify eating the 24 hour available soft ice cream. Something’s are important.

I was listening to my IPOD on level too dang loud when I looked down and saw a hammerhead shark swimming in the middle of the ocean. Not realizing the volume of my voice when I yelled, “look a shark!” and the poor geriatric woman besides me nearly fell over with surprise. She abruptly changed machines.

Besides spending a lot of great time with my wife and kids I was able to read a book called, “The Promise of a Pencil.” It is about a very young man, under 25, starting an international foundation that builds schools in rural towns and villages (rural is an understatement). Here is a glimpse of the start, “I was just a regular guy with $25 who wanted to prove that regardless of age, status, or location, every person has the capacity to change the world. So I used that small amount to open a new account in hopes of one day building a school.” The book is a great read and I very much recommend it. A great story of vision, faith, and perseverance. Once the dream had momentum, it took off (hmm, maybe applies to all great projects or dreams).

To make this personal, one of my goals is start a foundation called, Bear Hugs (with a name like mine, using it in as many cute ways as possible is irresistible, plus my mother would have liked it). Bear Hugs will be an educational foundation providing direct education, scholarships and job training for all ages globally. Before I read this book the idea of this was distant. Now it is something that I am compelled to start working on. This further proves the saying that we are a combination of the people we meet and the books we read.

Another quote from the book, “the biggest difference between the person who lives his or her dreams and the person who aspires is the decision to convert that first spark of motivation into immediate action.”   What will you do?