Creative Destruction and Other Fun Things To Do

Tweet As a child, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother who was born and raised on an Amish farm was named Jinx. While this isn’t the name she was given by my great grandparents, all those who love her call her by that name. Fast.. read more →

This Picture Needs a New Frame

Tweet Now that I have one teenage daughter who enjoys being sequestered in her room with her iPhone, Snapchats and Vines and another one, who wishes she was a teenager, my Sunday mornings have become very, peaceful. Gone is the persistent hammering on our bedroom door at sunrise. And gone are the cute days of.. read more →

Look for Needle Stacks

Tweet Growing up in Las Vegas can be called weird. I’ve often said Las Vegas is like New York City, in that it is the best of all things and the worst of all things. The advertisements I saw on the tops of taxi cabs and on billboards growing up would have sent most Midwestern.. read more →

Having a Baby Must Really Hurt,,,,,

Tweet Having a baby must really hurt, or at least that’s what I imagine especially when I’m in the throes of struggling to find the right words when putting pen to paper, trying to bring my conception to life. Before you start hurling large and heavy objects at my head, you need to understand that.. read more →

Marco Polo and Dry Heat Wins

Tweet In science there is a term called, “settled science.” It is when the scientific community all agrees when something is an undeniable, proven fact. Today, in my blog I will announce the next major breakthrough,,,,, drum roll please!  “Dry heat is better than wet heat.”  BOOM there it is. I spent last week with.. read more →

Triage: What I learned from Watching MASH

Tweet In the days before cable TV, or at least before cable at my house, Channel 5, in Las Vegas, occupied a big chunk of my time. This was typically when I should have been doing my homework, reading, riding my bike or cleaning my room. (The last sentence is solely for the subterfuge of.. read more →

The Summer of Love

Tweet The Summer of Love. I am not speaking of summer’s past, but the fact that summer officially started today..well for me it has. I am proclaiming today as my summer solstice for a three reasons. This is probably the last Summer that my 13 year old daughter will pay any attention to me and.. read more →

The Wisdom of Birdman

Tweet The house was quiet last night. My chance to finally watch the Academy Award winning movie, “Birdman.” had arrived. I have had the red envelope from Netflix sitting in my kitchen, unopened, like a tax bill for the last 45 days. “Birdman,” is a good movie with moments of greatness supported by superb performances… read more →

5:05 am!

Tweet I was born in 1971 at a time when the first generation of single working parent’s children we being raised by the glow of the television,,,,, and I loved it! I really, really loved being an only child with almost total freedom and a sense of self-reliance that has formed the foundation of what.. read more →

Courage is the First Step

Tweet “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.”   Dorothea Brande I am still working my way through the book, “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World,” it focuses on modern business heroes, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to just name a couple.  One of their keys is to.. read more →