The Leader is the Message

Tweet The often said, “the medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan that basically says that the conduit in which the message is transmitted affects meaning of the message itself.  I am not disputing this, it’s a given. However, in the age of constant messaging from an expanding number sources received.. read more →

You Get What You Have the Nerve to Do

Tweet I finally watched the end of the HBO series, “Boardwalk Empire.” This last season was a mixture of the current series events with flashbacks that chronicle the main character, Nucky Thompson’s childhood and foundational events that shape who he becomes. The “Commodore” was Nucky’s early employer/mentor, but more akin to the Dark Side of.. read more →

A Definite Future

Tweet Over the course of the last few years the path I was walking forced me to take detours that I had not imagined or wished for. A combination of recent events, a fabulous mother, an amazing wife and children, the coaching of Wendy Dearborne and a book I’m reading has suddenly created clarity for.. read more →

New Means New

Tweet In Creativity, Inc, the author states, “No one- not Walt Disney, not Steve Jobs, not the people of Pixar ever achieved creative success by simply clinging to what used to work.” Peter Thiel, just released a book called, Zero to One. I’ve just started it but in an excerpt I read he says that.. read more →

Take a Walk

Tweet In describing the story of our lives, we often describe it as a journey on a path.  For most of us there are many different ideas we can chase, people we can meet and businesses to create.  Each of these can be described as paths for us to take.  The important step of any.. read more →

Magic Bus

Tweet I’m a big fan of the website,  It is a conference company that records most of it’s “Ted Talks” and almost all of them are under 20 minutes.  They are on a wide range of subjects are almost always interesting and some are truly inspirational. On one talk, a consumer marketing company was.. read more →

Big Wheels Are Turning

Tweet Whether or not you believe this spiritually, literally or both (ideally), we are all connected.  The good in life and the not so good in life come through people.  These events and people come into our lives from the choices we make based on who we are, who we want to be and what.. read more →

Fragrance of the Flower

Tweet I study leaders, and successful people. I read a book or two (or more) every month and have done so for over 20 years. I meet with a lot of people in business who say a lot of things. I’m sure my subconscious remembers and integrates a great deal of what I take in,.. read more →

Going, Going, Gone-And Other Stuff

Tweet Everything matters and at the same time, some things matter more than other things. To the degree that we understand what is critical and meaningful versus what is unimportant and forgettable defines the quality of our life and the success we enjoy. The answer is that we have to constantly evaluate whether what we.. read more →

A Night at the Museum

Tweet Shopping. To read it, to hear it, to do it, affects everyone differently. What does it mean to you? Does it sound like fun, does it stress you out, or does it make you long for your favorite store, you know the one, the store from Pretty Woman that Richard Gere and Julia Robertson.. read more →