Curious Children

Tweet Sometimes children ask questions that make their parents seriously question their own sanity and sometimes they ask questions that are truly insightful and inspirational. Yesterday, my youngest child asked me what Einstein was famous for. She is 9 all she knows of Einstein is the famous picture of him sticking his tongue out and.. read more →

Our Nation’s Capitol

Tweet We spent a week in DC. Proof that our Senators and Congressmen are smarter than we give them credit for, they were on “recess,” so they avoided the historic swamp weather: wet sticky air and the egg frying heat. I’m that dad that drags their kids to see and do stuff on vacation, we.. read more →

Fire Works and Watermelon

Tweet The week of July 4th conjures up many great memories of summer’s past, BBQ, and ear ringing, finger burning, fool making legal and almost legal fireworks. I spent many of my childhood summers in Montgomery, Alabama where my dad is from. My grandparents had a horse farm with a couple of barns and big.. read more →

Be Ready

Tweet “He determined to remain ready until he got that which he was seeking,” goes the quote in “Think and Grow Rich.” I’ve been playing with this idea of focusing on what is front of me while also imagining the future that I want for myself. This is an interesting process for someone like me.. read more →

Reading the Tea Leaves

Tweet I often get asked, “how is the market.” It’s the business equivalent of saying, “have a nice day,” or asking, “how your weekend was.” The market is neither good or bad, the answer to this question, is relative to the goals you have versus the goals you have accomplished. In the book, “The Most.. read more →

Believe To Succeed

Tweet I am lucky. I am lucky for many reasons. Let’s substitute lucky for gratitude. Feels better, doesn’t it? I believe,,,,,, is powerful. I am ,,,,,, is the most powerful sentence we can say. Let me put this all together. I am grateful for my family, my health, my friends and the opportunities that are.. read more →

We Get Paid for What We are Becoming

Tweet My first attempt at a title for this blog was, “We Get Paid for What We Do.” And while this is true, the bigger picture gives us a broader meaning. It’s Sunday and more or less I have been working most of the day (minus my golf practice and some pool time, I know,.. read more →

It’s My Birthday

Tweet Today, I’m 43. Which is totally weird to see in writing. I’m certainly one to create time lines and bench marks to notch my accomplishments by. So, as I meet this age milestone, I’ve had my successes and my failures and learning experiences. I certainly thought I’d be further along in my life and.. read more →

The Need to Create

Tweet I just started reading, “Dream Big: How the Brazilian Trio Behind 3g Capital Acquired Anheuser-Busch, Burger King and Heinz.” It starts with intention. Strategies come and go. Industries, come and go, but the desire to be great, do great things and make meaning, do not. From the book, “First get great people, second, give.. read more →

It’s a Jungle Out There

Tweet   I’m reading a book about Jeff Bezos, founder of Here is a quote attributed to him: “When you are eighty years old, and in a quiet moment of reflection narrating for only yourself the most personal version of your life story, the telling that will be most compact and meaningful will be.. read more →