Tom Peters just wants us to be zealots

Tweet As I was reviewing my book of books I came across a collection of books by Tom Peters called, “The Brand You 50.” Tom is one of the, if not, the best business thinkers and speakers in the world. His book In Search Of Excellence changed the business landscape and started a business thought.. read more →

David and Goliath

Tweet “David and Goliath,” is the most recent book by Malcom Gladwell. I have read his previous books, “Tipping Point” and “Blink” as well. He is a great writer. Many of the books I read have great information but not greatly written (Ron Chernow is a notable exception for being a gifted writer as well)… read more →

Made Up Mind

Tweet This week’s title is from an album by Tedeschi Trucks Band by the same title.  The album cover says it all, Nothing is going to stop that buffalo.  While, I am getting away from doing things the hard way, I love this picture.  A decision made with faith and energy is unstoppable.   I was asked.. read more →

Wooden Wisdom Part 1

Tweet I’m pretty sure that I saw every UNLV Rebel Basketball game from the time I was 6 until 20 years old. My grandmother had season tickets and some of my fondest memories growing up were the times we went to Rebel Basketball games. Of course it helped that were either good or very good.. read more →

Churchill’s Will

Tweet I have long admired Winston Churchill. His memory stirs my soul and strengthens my resolve. Without his iron will, his vision of the future, his belief in the people of England and its place in the world, Europe would have fallen. “And I am convinced,” he concluded, “that every man of you would rise.. read more →

Wisdom Exists Where you Look For It.

Tweet When I started my real estate career, I was 19, I drove a white Camaro and I had a mullet (not a good look for me).  I was lucky enough to be exposed to Brian Tracy who has published many books and audio series.  One of the many things he teaches is that if.. read more →

Why It Matters

Tweet I’m reading a book called, “The Radical Leap Re-Energized.”  Where “LEAP’ is an acronym for, Love, energy, audacity and proof.  The overall theme is, “do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.” White Knight Capital’s mission is to connect with like minded people whether it is with a.. read more →