17 Jun 2014

Reading the Tea Leaves

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I often get asked, “how is the market.” It’s the business equivalent of saying, “have a nice day,” or asking, “how your weekend was.” The market is neither good or bad, the answer to this question, is relative to the goals you have versus the goals you have accomplished.

In the book, “The Most Important Thing,” by Howard Marks, founder of OakStreet Capital, writes, “in dealing with the future, we must think about two things: (a) what might happen and (b) the probability that it will happen.” “Investing consists of exactly one thing: dealing with the future.”

I learned many things during the recession. One of them is that momentum is real and timing is really important. I do see, like most people, that the economy is creating a new wave of wealth. A wave that intend to catch. It’s important however, that we stay true to ourselves and notice the thoughts and feelings that come from our intuition and make decisions out of courage and not fear.

My goal for my business is to create a business that makes money and creates wealth regardless of the greater global marketplace. To do that I must forge ahead. Will Rogers said, “you’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is.”

The key is knowing that there are many trees and that sometimes changing trees looks like the most risky thing to do, however it quite possibly could be the right thing to do. Marks writes, “large amounts of money aren’t made by buying what everybody likes. They’re made by buying what everybody underestimates.”

Change is coming. I’m moving my ladders to a new orchard, hiring a team and climbing every tree.