04 Jul 2016

The Evolution Revolution

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I started my career selling residential real estate at 19 years old. I’m not 100 percent sure that selling one house constitutes a “career,” but we all have to start somewhere.  My years in this industry have taught me many things one of which is residential agents are colorful characters.  Another fact is that most, who join this work force, are transitioning from another career field in the hope of financially improving life for themselves and their families.  It’s often a second or third career choice and one that I’m sure takes great courage to make.  There is an enigmatic air that swirls around selling residential real estate and as a result, newbie’s tend to endure well intentioned criticism from those who love them, because somewhere in their head they don’t want to see their loved one embarrassed or worse, fail!  No matter where you live in the world, in this order food and shelter, along with clothing are essential for life.  The choice to become a Realtor is heroic and should be applauded and celebrated.

Many new agents even though they are transitioning from other career fields, have little or no Realtor business training, making it fertile ground for sales seminars.  This is where I was introduced to the teachings of Brian Tracy.  He said, ”that one hour per day of study in your chosen field was all it takes. Within five years you’ll be a national authority. In seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do.”  Clearly this is an oversimplification.  However, what his words of wisdom have done for me is to drive my need to read and feed my insatiable appetite to be better in all areas of my life.

Currently, I’m about half way through, The Inevitable, Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that will Shape our Future,” a book by Kevin Kelly. He truly is one of my favorite tech writers.  I want to share with you a compilation of quotes from the written works of Kevin Kelly’s along with my thoughts.

“Every kind of thing is becoming something else, while it churns from “might” to “is”.  All is in flux.  Nothing is finished.  Nothing is done.  This never-ending change is the pivotal axis of the modern world.”   “Technology is humanity’s accelerant.” ~ Kevin Kelly

I see the internet and all technology as one giant metaphor for humanity and the human condition.  It’s inspiring and devastating.  Intelligent and yet ignorant.  It’s love and hate, attentiveness and indifference, it’s success and failure and of course, all gradations that are found in between the two polar opposites.  Where you focus within any two poles will determine what you find.   What you find and hold on to is what you will experience in your life, both personal and business. Nothing is ever finished because we are always evolving to the next stage and as means that things are always moving.

“You may not want to upgrade, but you must because everyone else is. It’s an upgrade arms race.”  “It’s a dream come true for our insatiable human appetite: rivers of uninterrupted betterment.”  “Banning the inevitable usually backfires.  Prohibition is at best temporary, and in the long counterproductive.”  “New occupations will be born and they will prosper unequally, causing envy and inequality.” ~ Kevin Kelly

We are not meant to be comfortable.  We are here to evolve and evolution is uncomfortable at best and downright torturous at worst.  Every business model is changing, because we are changing.  Change doesn’t care if you are on board or not.  Change doesn’t care about your likes and dislikes, it doesn’t even care about your health or your wealth or for that matter your retirement plan.  In fact burn your plan now.  Plan to change, because change will not wait for you to plan and if you don’t plan to change you will be left behind.  Plan to embrace today; knowing that tomorrow will be different.  The past as you have known it to be, is over.  What do you want now?

I don’t want to imply that this knowledge and understanding about having to change doesn’t scare me. I wrestle with uncertainty that these changes bring with the hunger of my personal quest to fully realize my potential and all that I am capable of being.  Up until recently my business has been only focused on retail shopping centers.  Change has come quickly and swiftly and is reshaping the way we purchase things.  I believe that internet shopping will never replace great shopping centers that engender memorable experiences.  However, based on technology, lifestyles and spending habits it’s clear that we need less shopping centers and or much better shopping experiences.

My model for business has changed from an asset only strategy to include the intangible part of my skill set which is the ability to connect people with resources.  The change as it is evolving is using my expertise and network to create new combinations that manifest the best team for  opportunities that others are looking for and or wanting to execute.

From a business perspective, I believe the power of the internet is eliminating average everything, assuming you want to make a profit.  As Kelly stated “Banning the inevitable usually backfires.  Prohibition is at best temporary, and in the long counterproductive.”  If you are great or are pursuing greatness you will become more of what you are pursuing or working on.  If you are average or do not strategically plan to improve you will become marginalized and the great advances of all things will be out of your reach. I believe all of us have greatness inside of us. We just have to pull it out.  Being great or successful, happy or whatever it is that you want for your life isn’t a part time thing.  It’s an everyday forever thing.

Tomorrow is July 4th, the celebration of our Declaration and the remembrance of our Revolution.  I challenge you to start your own revolution of evolution.  Be different, be better and contribute to humanity by being the best you can be.