31 Mar 2014

The Light Through the Open Door

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My two daughters are in musical theater and of course, very talented. My contention is that they get their innate talent from me and everyone else thinks it comes from their mother. Of course, they are all wrong!

As a consequence, I’ve become a musical fan. On a lucky afternoon I was listening to an interview with the actress who is playing Cinderella in the current Broadway production. I had seen her perform on last year’s Tony awards. Her voice, presence and beauty were transcendent. When I figured out that was who was being interviewed, I listened intently for something I hoped to pass on to my two girls. The lesson as it turns out was for me. The interviewer asked the girl how she was cast in this role (it being her first role, as I recall), then she said something that I have thought about often, especially the last 2 weeks, she said, “there was an open door, and I walked through it.” Simple, and profound.

If you believe in the Shakespeare line that, “all the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players.” It implies that we have choices on what roles we play. If we don’t choose we are still getting a role, just not the one we were born for. I say, demand the role you want, and when it is offered to you, walk through the door onto the stage of your life and let the spotlight shine on you. A standing ovation is waiting for you.